Tyrannosaurus Digital


is the ground-breaking SaaS solution by Tyrannosaurus Digital that is guaranteed to make you the apex predator of your market. Or you don't pay.

You read that right – our software will give you an unfair advantage on the Google Ads battlefield… guaranteed. And no, this isn’t your typical 30-day money back guarantee… This is something even better.

Let me explain.
There are three possible scenarios that could play out after you engage us to improve your Google Ad campaigns:

Scenario #1

FIRST, we show you results. After we have improved your campaigns, you are sufficiently impressed to sign on with Tyrannosaurus Digital as one of our valued clients. We will then dedicate every resource at our disposal to propel you to the absolute TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN of your market. No holds barred, take no prisoners.

Scenario #2

We deliver results (in the form of dramatically reduced CPA), but you still want to continue with your existing ad agency. No problem! You can choose to keep your existing ad agency and use our SaaS as an overlay to optimize your campaigns for a modest monthly fee. And the final scenario…

Scenario #3

We don’t manage to deliver you results, or you aren’t completely satisfied with the results we do deliver. In this case, we part as friends and you are under no obligation to pay a single cent for the experiment.

The choice is yours. There is literally nothing to lose. We honestly can't make this decision any simpler. All that is left for you to do, is click the link below to book a call with one of our consultants to check that your business qualifies for the offer (disclaimer: there are a small number of businesses that do not meet the criteria for us to provide the guarantee), and we can take it forward. In a matter of a few short weeks, you could be dominating your competitors on the paid traffic front and increasing your market share like a true Tyrannosaur!

How It Works

Optimize Keywords

Most agencies don't have the data required to do this. At all. In fact, most agencies only have about 5-6 clients in any given niche or market. Simply put, that is not enough data to know which keywords do and do not convert. Period.

Tyrannolytics is able to aggregate data across thousands of accounts and campaigns and optimizes for keywords that convert, and removes ones that don't, WEEKLY.

Hour-By-Hour Market Analysis

Tyrannolytics allows us to see exactly who is advertising for any search term, anywhere in the world. We know your competition, and we see where there are opportunities to beat them.

Hour-by-hour, day-by-day results by search term and location allow us to find the gaps in the week when the competition is at it’s lowest and grab cheap clicks.

Competitor Ads

Tyrannolytics can see every set of ad copy from every advertiser. This is competitive intelligence like never before. We're able to see every offer and test ad from every competitor so you can outsmart them every time.

CPA Reductions

On average, CPA reduces by 21%. All you have to do is plug in our software. We only need an OAuth connection to your Google Ad Account. Your incumbent agency doesn't even need to know we are doing it. Simply let us set your keywords for 30 days, and prepare to watch you CPA plummet.

So, what are you waiting for? There has literally never been a better time to advertise on Google Ads. Don't waste any more time with under-optimized campaigns! Book a 15-minute call with one of our consultants TODAY!